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Achievement and Business Know-how gained
throughout Career
I reconstructed KSI from gde facto bankruptedh status to a most profitable and stable situation. When Kubota Corporation appointed me as President CEO, KSI had sizable assets but was negative in equity with an extraordinary volume of software inventory and 4 yearsf deficit in a raw, which required a huge amount of borrowings from banks. Yet, KSI turned out to be quite profitable and sound in its financial status in the second year since I assumed the position because I wrote off most of the bad assets at the end of my first year. KSI has been enjoying the highest net profit throughout its history in my second and third year. Total assets and borrowings are estimated to be squeezed down by half with almost no idle inventory at the end of March this year.

The method I applied in order to get out of such disorder was gto come back to the principle of managementh rather than to take a quick but whimsical action, because such status brought about an ad hoc style of management by my predecessor although KSI had enjoyed both profit and stability when his processor was in the position. The principle of management was to reconfirm and clarify the nature of corporate identity, which consists of such essential elements as the purpose or the mission of its foundation, the foundersf vision, the specific business field and the core competence, as shown in the following definitions.
In fact, this methodology of management was learned through my experience as President CEO for Rasna Corporation, or the Joint Venture with Silicon Valley start up Venture, which truthfully followed the principle of corporate vision even under the circumstances that capitalists strictly requested short-term clearance of target and tight money operation.

User originated independent system integrator different from Software or Hardware Vendors, Software Package Developers, Sub-contractors
Targeted customers are not a mass but limited number of large and medium account, including its
parent, government offices.

a)To provide corporate group with information systems, development, processing and integration services for its business and engineering operation and the implementation of business strategies.
b)To provide outside corporate group with system integration services of which base expertise have been fostered through the business with parent.

a) To be a customer-driven company
b) Operation with efficiency
c) Humane management for employees

Manufacturing and Social infrastructure solution

a) Integrated capability for consulting, system development & integration, processing, support
b)Abundant knowledge and know-how on management, marketing strategy, engineering life cycle and business operation process, throughout consistent services to corporate group, especially to agricultural machinery division which owns comprehensive systems as manufacturer from marketing to logistics on global bases.
c) Expertise for the use of application package software in combination with its own customization skill in compliance with business process such as CRM, ERP, SCM, PDM, PLM
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