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Myrtos Inc. CEO
Business Background and Experiences
January, 2008 President&CEO for DFM Corporation
October, f07 to present Senior Advisor for Dassault Systemes, KK, Developer for PLM Solution
April to August, 2007
April to August, 2007 Interim President, CEO for SolidWorks Japan Corporation
June, 2006 to present An Auditor for Ampere Corporation,
a fabricator for semiconductor and device for thermal, vacume systems
October, 2006 to present An Agent for Japan on Clarizen, Palo Alto, CA.
Project Management Software Developer for saas business operation
Feb, 2006 to present Advisory BoardMember for CADNexus Corporation, Medford MA.
CAD-CAE data transfer and Optimization middleware software developer.
October, 2003
to December, 2006
Consultant & Executive Advisor to President, Toyota Caelum,Inc.(TCI)
October,2003 to Present An Agent for Japan on Clarizen, Palo Alto, CA.
Project Management Software Developer for saas business operation
April, 1998 to March,2003 Senior Corporate Staff, Kubota Corporation Chairman & CEO, Kubota Solid Technologies Corporation (KUSCO)*1
President & CEO, Kubota Systems, Inc.(KSI)*2
April, 1998 to presen Board Member for SolidWorks Japan Corporation (SWJ)*2
January, 1995
to March, 1998
President & CEO, KUSCO
September, 1989
to December, 1994
President CEO, Rasna , Japan Corporation, *3 September
August, 1987
to August, 1989
Assistant General Manager, the Pipe Export & Engineering Department,
Kubota Corporation, Tokyo Head Office
July, 1982
to June, 1987
Manager, Corporate Planning and Business Development Department and International
Marketing Coordination Department, Kubota Corporation, Tokyo Head Office
May, 1979
to June, 1982
Vice President for Planning, Secretary, and Treasurer, Kubota America Corporation,
New York Head Office
April, 1976
to April, 1979
Vice President for Planning, Marketing, Kubota America Corporation, New York Head Office
September, 1975
to March, 1976
Student, Intensive English Course, The University of California at Los Angels
July, 1969
to September, 1975
Staff for Procurement Department, Kubota Corporation, Osaka Headquarters
April, 1967
to July, 1969
Salesperson of Marine Diesel Engines, Kubota Corporation, Diesel Engine Division

KUSCO is 100% affiliate of Kubota Corporation established in 1995, by having taking over the stocks of its partner, Rasna Japan Corporation. The deal was done in exchange of giving up its exclusive sales right on MECHANICA, as Rasna was about to go public. KUSCO was successful in gaining exclusive sales right of innovative 3D solid modeling CAD system, or SolidWorks, with second round of investment to the developer. KUSCO is well known as a reseller of package software that is used by the design engineers and analysts for manufacturers, with the sales right of prominent technologies from the US and Europe. Japanese users highly evaluated KUSCOfs capability of selecting creative technology, which made it possible to market KUSCOfs products into the broad range of engineers with their ease of use and affordable price. The evaluation was also endorsed by KUSCOfs aggressive sales force and consistent technical support. The combination of the concept and activities for a decade made the company quite unique in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM market in Japan.

KUSCO is also an investor and exclusive reseller of engineering software for design offices for manufacturers in Japanese market, many of which collaboratively work with 3D CAD systems, especially SolidWorks. KUSCO recently merged R&D unit from its parent namely KSWAD specialized in Pre-Post processor, CAM Kernel and API technologies. The unit consists of KUSCOfs 50 employees including 25 engineering staffs, and produces annual revenue of 15 $ million.

KSI is a system integrator that specializes in manufacturing and infrastructure construction solutions that owns comprehensive capabilities for system development and integration, data processing, and storage, and outsourcing services throughout internet service for Kubota Corporation, its group companies, and suppliers. It provides such services also to governmental organizations as well as major industriesf accounts. KSI is categorized as guser originatedh system integrator, whose specialty and competitive edge comes from the knowledge fostered during the course of the development and the operation systems of its parentfs total management solution systems. Its revenue counts as much as $100 millions, with 500 employees and 200 subcontractorsf engineers.

Rasna, Japan Corporation was a 50/50 % joint venture of Kubota Corporation and Rasna Corporation, a venture which is based in Silicon Valley and funded by Kubota together with American venture capitalists. Rasna developed an engineering package software in design analysis field with an ambitious intent of market creation by selling FEA package to a broader number of mechanical design engineers instead of a limited number of high end analysts. It was so successful that it was close to go public, but decided to be purchased by PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation), a major CAD system company.

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