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I learned much on the simple key to success in business through the study of information system. The point is how seriously top management put value on customers and how consistently his operation is organized to meet and implement their request promptly. Top management must own his own mission and vision with the heritage of his predecessors as has been developed from founder. Such backbone of the company must be implemented down to the daily operation consistently by setting up interim targets such as business plan, corporate policies, supported by financial, marketing, R & D strategies, etc. of which plan and activities are to be examined by financial report at the end of year.

I have perceived cases by the actual operation of our parentfs divisions and its affiliates. Companiesf style of approaching end customers varies depending on the volume of customers or pricing of services or even business customs. Yet, as Peter Drucker mentioned in his books, value to companies exists in the hands of customers, not in producers, developers, nor merchants.

This simple principle is not necessarily gained through information technology industry business, but I fortunately happened to reach the point by being introduced to this field at Rasna Japan Corporation which followed a similar business model of SolidWorks Japan Corporation. I learned distribution sales channel as a typical business model to cover a broad range of professional customers with affordable price and provide resellers with reasonable margin and incentives. I also learned the necessity of employing direct sale force or OEM deal on top of distribution channel whenever business status requires such action in order to catch up or accelerate the sale, depending on the development stage of the market.

The essential element of business success is to introduce innovative technology in whichever style, either by own development or purchase, with a high level of technical and commercial support in addition to the appropriate sales channel system that is complied with a volume and quality level of customers.

My capability to integrate all the principles must have been fostered during my business years in New York, where I established Kubota America Corporation as Vice President Planning and Marketing, because the experience provided me with an opportunity to learn the Western style of business which originates in their way of life that is historically fostered over the centuries.

At the same time, I also learned many of the basics to handle business operation, including sales and marketing, procurement, administration systems, international deal with my linguistic capability and knowledge on production system during the decades of experience at Kubota Corporation.

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